Thursday, 13 March 2014

Past projects part 1: the sunburst skirt

I fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw it. Simple jet elegant. I knew I had to make one for my own.

Pattern Description:

The pattern description told me that the look accentuates the silhouette, because of it's length and the pleating at the hip.

Pattern sizing:

I made a size 34, but I think you should let the stretchiness of your fabric decide on the sizing.

Did it look like the model photo?

It did! Except that I made the separate facing piece and then decided that I liked the stripes in the opposite direction that much that I left it out.

Where the instructions clear enough?

The instructions where pretty clear, but I did get confused as to witch direction the pleats should be sewn down in. I made this skirt three times this far and I got confused every single time. I made it both ways and think both turned out looking OK, so in the end it doesn't matter that much.

What did you particularly like or dislike?

I really like the silhouette of this skirt and the way the pleats make it look as if I've actually got some hips going on. I dislike the fact that you either have to use very stretchy fabric (that will become saggy after washing and wearing) or you cannot get the pattern on. I recommend using a zipper with less stretchy fabrics. The pleats take up a lot of room and are very bulky in the design. I end up with a strange bump on my hip, which is less apparent with thicker fabrics.

Fabric used

I got the crazy idea to make a striped version, since i do love stripes... I didn't really think of how the stripes would turn out on the skirt, but I was mightily pleased with the result. I really love how the skirt makes my hips look fuller and accentuates my trim waist. I think this is largely down to the stripes.

I used a lightweight jersey nit fabric, this is a lot thinner than the original fabric. Although it did stretch pretty well as the pattern instructions demanded I still had difficulty getting the skirt on. I did a second version in a leftover black winter knit (because who doesn't love black skirts?) and couldn't even get it on! Well I could, but it broke my back, I ended up sewing a zipper into it. I recommend two way stretch fabrics for this skirt (since that will eliminate the problem where the grain changes so much due to the pleats that the top isn't stretchy enough anymore, or using an invisible zipper.) If you want to hide a tummy a thicker knit is probably the way to go.

Will you sew it again? recommend to others?

I already did sew it three times, twice for me and once for my friend. I loved all of the results. My friend is a lot curvier than I am around the hips and the skirt really flattered her as well. I really recommend this skirt since it's so easy to whip up, pretty versatile and so classy.

Me being all retro with an army hat

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